Don't Let the Dust Settle on New Construction

Schedule a post-construction clean-up in Casco or Windham, ME

Construction is a messy business. While it may seem like a new building is ready once the final nail is hammered, there's a ton of work that still has to be done. Hire Cleaning Coven Company to prepare your construction project for the grand reveal. We're the go-to source for post-construction clean-up services in the Casco & Windham, ME areas.

You've already done enough work. Let us step in to make your fine craftsmanship really shine. Call today to arrange for post-construction cleaning.

Not a single detail missed

Our post-construction cleaning services are thorough and complete. Our experienced crew will:

Brush and vacuum sawdust, Sheetrock dust and concrete debris
Wipe down all surfaces, including windows and doors
Remove any stickers or tape still left behind

You’d be surprised just how much dust is still settling days after construction is complete. Our post-construction clean-up will ensure every single detail is ready for a public viewing.